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8 thoughts on “Tips and Other Stuff

  1. That is a GREAT tip! I usually convert first and then fiddle on my own until I get what i want, but your way is so much easier! If you haven’t checked out Presets Heaven, you need to. Lots of free presets to download.

  2. Thanks for sharing your blog with us. It is awesome to see how you get your great color conversions. I already have a lot of those presets, but I never really played did did them together!

  3. Can someone tell me the attraction to Lightroom? I do all my editing in PhotoShop and would love to know why everyone is jumping on the LR bandwagon. I asked someone and all they said was that LR was good if you had large volumes of pictures to sort thru. So what’s everyone’s take?

    • I can only speak to Lightroom vs Photoshop Elements 4. I shoot in RAW and LR is much faster and easier for me to process the obscene amount of photos I take. All editing done in LR is non-destructive to the original file, so I can always get back to the original. I really like playing with the presets, which I guess are like actions in PS. Anyway, they are quick and fun to use. I also organize all of my photos using LR. The keyword feature is wonderful, and much easier to use than PSE Organizer. All in all, LR has made my workflow much more streamline and enjoyable.

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