So, you probably know that I usually take more than one picture a day.  Sometimes I can’t decide which ones to share with you, but sometimes it’s a slam dunk.  I thought that you might like to see some of the photos that don’t make the photo a day cut.  So, from time to time I will share the “out-takes” with you.  Enjoy!

We have had several days of fog, which then creates this lovely hoar frost.

This girl can be very intense at times.  She can hold her own in a stare down.

I grabbed my macro lens to try and capture some snow/ice crystals….I am not sure what, if anything, is in focus.

Taken though my windshield on a snowy morning.

Apparently we had wind and freezing rain during the night.  My flag is frozen in mid-wave.  Go Cougs!

See mom, it’s going to bloom!

Abby Conger.  Welcome baby girl!

If I am in my sewing room, you can bet she is in there too.


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