Today is 11.11.11, but this photo was taken in June.  So obviously, I am behind on posting my photos.  Not that big of deal, except when something happens between the time you take the picture and the time you get it posted.   And, that is where I am at today.  I need to tell you that we lost Colt October 2, 2011.  He collapsed while out in the field with Doug and despite doing everything we could for him we had to put him down the next day.  Yesterday was the first time I could go back and look at pictures of him without crying (progress), however, when I told Doug that I was able to do that I cried (maybe not as much progress as I thought).  It has been very sad around here. We miss him terribly.  As I continue to update my blog you will see pictures of him.  He was my go to guy for a photo.  He was a camera hog.  I swear he posed for me whenever I pointed the camera at him.  Hopefully it will get easier to post these photos.  I am so glad I have so many of him, but at the same time it is so hard because I have so many of him.  I have a hard time believing that he is gone, he was larger than life.  We loved him so.


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