Sometimes there are happy endings, and this story my friends is one of those times.  It started last Wednesday evening.  Doug got home from work and wanted to go for a walk.  He just needed to get some fresh air he said.  It was almost dark and dinner was in the oven, but we decided to go anyway.  Now this is not something we normally do.  It is usually too dark and cold this time of year, but Wednesday we made an exception.  So off we went with the dogs toward the ditchbank.  As we were walking I notice 2 dogs at the end of the road, but nobody was with them.  We kept walking and as we got closer the two dogs (a yellow and chocolate lab) came closer.  We told them to go home (not knowing where they lived) and continued on with our walk.  When we headed home the dogs were still in the same spot and I started to think that maybe they were lost.  They wouldn’t let us get close and we wrangled our dogs home.  By the time Doug headed back, it was totally dark and the dogs were gone.  So I thought that was that.  In the morning, there was no sign of them so I figured they had gone back home.  My friend Rachael emailed me and said she could run with me, so I headed into town to meet her at the park.  After we ran, I was going to stop at Bi-Mart and pick up a few things, but after another erand I ended up over by Albertsons so I stopped there.  Now our Albertsons has a big bulletin board at the entrance that people post things on……..I sometimes stop and see what is for sale like puppies and horses.  On this day  a litter of Boston Terriers caught my eye so I had to stop and look at the pictures, oh and then there were some pugs, and a nice looking horse, and then……I saw “Lost Dogs”……two labs a yellow and a chocolate missing since Monday.  I ran back out to the truck, got my phone and called the number.  A man (Ron) answered and I told him that I thought I saw his dogs the night before.  He said he was at work in Boise, he was leaving right now and would meet me at my house so I could show him right where I had seen them.  He told me the yellow’s name was Gus.   I finished up my shopping, raced home and started looking for Gus and his sister.  No luck.   Pretty soon, Ron’s wife Sandi showed up, she had left work too, and I showed her where I had last seen the dogs.  She was near tears.  She told me how they had gotten out of their kennel on Monday, about 2.5 miles away.  I hugged her.  I knew in my heart that the dogs would be found .  After she left, her husband showed up.  Boise is about an hour away and he had made good time.  He said he had about given up hope on finding the dogs, and he had been waiting all week for my call.  We all started driving around looking for them.  About 30 min. later, Ron called and told me that they found them.  Safe and sound.  I was so happy to hear that!  Today, Ron brought out this gift certificate to thank me for making the phone call.  He said that both dogs seemed really happy to be home sleeping on their tempurpedic bed instead of rocks.    Be sure to take a look at the from line on the gift certificate……I love it!

Colt is very happy that Gus and his sister are spending Valentines day at home with their humans.


8 thoughts on “45/365

  1. First….yeah, I found your blog!! Can’t wait to spend some time going through all your photos….this story warmed my heart on this chilly morning!! So glad they are home and happy!!

  2. What a great story…seems as though we have found and rescued our share of lost dogs, must have rubbed off on you… Glad they are home and happy again.

  3. Great story, Teri, with a very happy ending. Buddy took off on me once up in the mountains a couple of years ago in January, with two feet (at least) of snow on the ground. I was in a panic, because we were packing up to leave and he wouldn’t come when I called for him and then he just disappeared. I understand how the people you helped felt – I’m quite positive they were very grateful to you.

  4. I just love a happy ending, Teri! I so glad that you wrote the whole story . . . it is wonderful that you stopped and read the bulletin board. 🙂 What a nice people Sandi and Ron are to have thanked you in such a lovely manner.

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