Last year I took a picture of my daffodils when they started to come up.  It was on February 18th.  Wow, we are ahead of schedule this year:)

(Nikon D50, 1/800 sec. at f/5.0, ISO 400, 100 mm)


5 thoughts on “37/365

  1. Somehow this is almost as wonderful as a fully bloomed (blossomed?) daffodil. Have you submitted this to Shutter Sisters One Word Project yet? February’s word is Nurture.
    Love this. Kim at lifeserveddaily.wordpress.com.

  2. Hi –

    I saw your picture on Ree’s website and loved it! I can’t wait to peruse your blog and look at more.

    I do have a question, though. I have a Nikon d90 and am new to photography…..just trying to learn the basics.

    I was trying to get the depth of field that Ree wrote about, but I can’t get it! I have the lens that came with my camera (70-105). I set it on aperture priority, but everything is still in focus.

    Any tips are very appreciated!

    Thank you!!
    Tammy Robbins

    • Hi Tammy,
      Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. I hope you enjoyed your visit. As you probably noticed I shoot with a Nikon D50 and I am lusting after your D90:) Shallow depth of field photos are some of my most favorite to take. When shooting in AP, set your aperture to the lowest number it will go. That number will change depending on your lens length. So how low you can go when your lens is at 70 mm (all the way in) will be different than when your lens is all the way out at 105 mm. Now the blurry background that you are looking for will be more pronounced if you focus on something that has a bit of distance between the object and the background. I also find that I am able to get a more blurred background whey I use my zoom at my longest length so that would be 105 mm for you. Does this make any sense at all? I am not the best at explaining.

      Let me know if this helps or not. I would be happy to look at any of your photos and see if I can help that way.

      Thanks again for stopping by my little tiny corner of the world.


  3. I am glad to see that Spring is early. So that means the flower beds and garden will be all done when we get there. Very nice lighting on the daffodils.

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