Now back to regularly programing….but just in case you missed it see the previous post and vote for Clark……alright enough of that.  I am feeling a little goofy, it be the running.  Today I started C25K. Let me just say, I have always hated running, but I would like to get in better shape and lose about 5 pounds.  I saw that a friend on facebook was doing this program, and I thought what the heck, I’ll give it a try.  Today was D1W1.  If I follow the program I will be running 5k (3 miles for the metric impaired) in 9 weeks.  So, Lisa, I know you are reading this, and Carrie said you were doing this too, I think the three of us should find a 5k to run together….what do you think girlfriend?


5 thoughts on “33/365

  1. Signing up for a 5K is the best motivation to keep running. I just started running a few weeks ago after a year off for injury. I’m hoping to be able to run a half marathon next spring. I may be running a 5K for St Patricks day. They’re so much fun, you may be hooked on running after you first race!

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