For some reason, the bed didn’t get made and Sam found it to be a wonderful place to spend a snowy afternoon.  I usually wouldn’t take a picture of my unmade bed in the middle of the day, but I have been looking for a way to take a picture of these afghans.  There are two afghans in this picture.  A color blocked one and a striped one.  My Grandma Bessie crocheted both of them, as well as the doily from the “love” picture.  She gave me these afghans when I was in high school.  They have seen their fair share of travel on the game buses and on road trips.  Now they stay at the foot of our bed and get used almost every night.  You know, I have had these blankets for over 30 years.  Grandma Bessie died in her sleep in 1982 (she was 81), just four days after Doug and I got married.  I am so thankful I have these  treasures made by her hands, and I think of her often as they surround me with warmth.


3 thoughts on “31/365

  1. I’m glad you didn’t make the bed, so you could share your afghans! I have one my grandma made me when I was 16, and I know just what you mean – surrounding you with warmth from more than just the blanket. Thanks, Teri!

  2. I think kitty had the right idea! Kitty looks very cozy. I have a few afghans my mom crocheted for me and one she started for my now 6 yr old daughter (a friend finished it for us after mom died). You’ve inspired me to try and capture them, too.

    PS, yes, we use afghans in Florida, too! 😉

    Thanks! Kathy

  3. Our cats love our bed as well. We joke that it’s their bed and they allow us to sleep in it at night 🙂

    Beautiful afghans. I’d love to make a nice one out of wool yarn next winter. I think I won’t have time to make one this winter, it’s almost seed starting time.

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