I know that this kind of shot has been over done, but I think it’s appropriate as my project winds down.  You can see what my family, friends and strangers have seen for the last 357 days.  My face behind the camera.  Oh and did you notice that I got my haircut?


4 thoughts on “357/365

  1. From what I can tell, the haircut looks great. I could make a more informed decision without the camera in front of your face. 🙄 I haven’t taked one of these yet, either. I usually just bust out the tripod. Well done, Teri.

  2. Hey, you are SO sassy! And, Sandi and I had barely any fun at ALL without you…….

    Lisa (at Silver Mountain) after the fire alarm went off for 20 minutes — called the front desk after awhile just to make sure we shouldn’t leave….all is well…….I think 🙂

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