Do you remember in October when Taylor had an arthritis flare up and was three-legged lame?  Well, I started her on a prescription diet from Hills called JD.  It has all sorts of goodness in it for joints and inflammation.  She has been on it for 2 months now, and I cannot believe the difference.  She gets up easier from laying on the floor, she jumps around like a pup, and she even is jumping on the couch for a snuggle.  The food is spendy, but she is so worth it.

(Nikon D50,  1/2500 sec. at f/4.0, ISO 200, 50 mm)


2 thoughts on “335/365

  1. Good food is so worth it! We have Lucy on Wellness and some pastured raw meaty bones thrown in for extra goodness for her joints. She’s 8 and has a torn ACL, but she still acts like a puppy.

    So good you found something for your furry friend to make his life more comfy.

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