This is a hitching rock in the front of  this home in my little town.   It has a ring to tie your horses to on both sides.  It sits on Main street, and I had never noticed it before we took a walking tour with Sandi and Gregg this summer.  Sandi would love to buy the house and restore it.   She has a thing for historical houses.  It is a very cool old property.   Wouldn’t it make a cool wine bar and art gallery?

(Nikon D50, 1/4000 sec. at f/2.8, ISO 200, 50 mm)


5 thoughts on “309/365

  1. Sorry I have not looked at you great shots and I see you are still very creative. I have been trying to get that SB account done. I have been off EF for most on the week and I hope to have most of it done this weekend. Are you sure the dogs look sad because Doug is gone? Have a good weekend!!

  2. It hasn’t sold yet? I bet the 17-year-old owner might be ready to lower his price. Anyone interested in this business adventure with Teri and me???

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