Taylor woke up sore.  So sore in her right leg she would hardly walk.  A trip to the vet and some good pain pills later she was resting comfortably.  The vet thinks it is an arthritis fare up in her right elbow.  She  should be better in a few days.

(Nikon D50,  1/40 sec. at f/4.2, ISO 400, 105 mm)


One thought on “307/365

  1. So sorry to hear about your dog. It’s so hard when they aren’t feeling well – it would be nice if they could speak to us in words rather than whimpers. You might want to check into adding fish oil to her diet – it is supposed to help with arthritis, as well as lots of other things. I added it to Buddy’s diet when I first got him because he kept scratching. The vet recommended it and within a week or so his skin improved (it was flaky) and he quit scratching. My friend has a lab with arthritis and she give him glucosamine tablets. You might want to Google both or talk to your vet.

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