We heat our house with a wood stove in the winter.  It is much cheaper than electricity and the wood heat is so cozy.  But that means every year we have to get wood.  We usually find fruit wood around here.  Someone is always taking out an orchard, but this year we decided to go to the mountains to get it.   The Forest Service sells firewood permits.  With a permit you can take any tree that is already down and you can cut down dead trees.  We were not the only busy ones in the woods, the yellow jackets and hornets were really active.  I happened upon this nest while I was looking for a place to turn the pick-up and horse trailer around.  I think hornet nests are beautiful.  I am just glad they were not very protective of this and didn’t come after me. 

(Nikno D50,  1/100 sec at f/5.6, ISO 800, 300 mm)


2 thoughts on “227/365

  1. I’ve seen a hive like that one time and it was in Ohio. They’re really quite amazing. Reading your description already had my mind on those days when we heated with wood and/or coal. Full time job:-) Nothing warms you to the bones like that type of heat though. Beautiful image.

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