The post police just called me to say I didn’t put anything up yesterday {hi Doug}.  I told him I was working on it, and he told me that  my readers (all three of you) would give up on me if I didn’t get something up soon……sheesh!:)  So here is the picture from yesterday. 

This weekend I noticed two hummingbirds around the backyard looking for the feeder that wasn’t up yet.  So, after remembering  that I threw my feeder away last fall because it was broken, I made a trip to town to get a new one.  They are happy now, and busily arguing over who gets to feed from it.  Do any of you guys feed the hummingbirds?  They can be down right demanding!

(Nikon D50, 1/1250 sec. at f/5.6, ISO 200, 300mm)

Through the living-room window


10 thoughts on “133/365

  1. Sweet capture. I love hummingbirds and one was in my yard recently looking for my neglected feeder. I’d better get my act together and put mine up or they might go elsewhere for a meal!

  2. You have waaaayyy more than 3 viewers!
    I can’t say that I have ever seen a hummingbird not moving, just sitting still like that.
    Where could I put a feeder at my place?????

    • Angie, this little guy sat on this perch for the longest time.  I finally had Brett come and open a window to see if we could get him to fly, of course I missed that shot:(  You should hang a feeder right outside your kitchen window.

  3. They sure can be. I put up a few feeders because I have so many. I love it later on in the summer when the little ones are out. They’re so frisky and loud. I’m always afraid they’re going to run into me the way they buzz around.

  4. Hah! Like i would ever stop visiting here! I want to be here for when you become the Next Big Photographer! Let Doug know that you have faithful fans 😉

    Love the composition of this one today. His face is so cute- “whachu lookin’ at??”

  5. Well, I was here earlier in the day before you posted and it was still your beautiful dog. I forgot to come back. Somebody up there had a point. 😀 😛 Great shot of this hummingbird. Very rarely do you see them just sitting. I don’t have any hummingbird feeders, but I haven’t seen any around here until possibly last night. I think I might have to get some feeders, but that also means I should clean my windows. 🙄

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