Today was a crazy weather day.  We were under a tornado warning early this afternoon.  I guess a funnel cloud was spotted in the county.   I don’t know if it touched down or not.  Anyway, it has rained off and on all day with thunderstorms moving through.  When it is not raining, the sun comes out.  It makes for a very interesting sky.  I took this shot from the back yard while I was outside practicing getting my exposure right.  I am going to shoot on manual all this week, maybe even all this month.  A new adventure for me!

(Nikon D50, 1/4000 sec. at f/5.6, ISO 200, 112 mm)


5 thoughts on “123/365

  1. I didn’t realize Idaho had tornadoes. I hate those things – one of the main reasons why I’m glad I no longer live in Nebraska. You are a brave women, shooting in manual. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot, though. My last attempt was not so successful, but I was just playing and randomly turning knobs and dials! lol Have fun!

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