Art should make you interested in life, not in art. Art is a by-product of living.
Michael Winters

I like this quote.  I would not be so bold as to call today’s post “art,” but ever since I have become obsessed with photography, I have started looking at my world very differently. And sometimes, when I get extremely lucky, I get a good photo, maybe even art.   Today I wanted to take a picture of these tulips in my window sill in a way I would not normally take a picture of a flower.  Usually I would slap on my macro lens and start shooting from the side and the top of the flower.  Today, I focused on the vase, and I kinda like the results.  Art truly is a by-product of living.

(Nikon D50, 1/80 sec. at f/3.2, ISO 200, 50 mm)


12 thoughts on “104/365

  1. Your mother’s comment cracks me up – she sounds like my mom. 😉 I actually agree with her, though. I have a wall that is begging for a wonderful photo…

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