These men are getting ready to burn the irrigation ditch behind our house but not before they stop for a beer break.    Yes, big propane flame throwers and Keystone Light, a great combination:)


14 thoughts on “91/365

  1. I hope they don’t work for the irrigation district? Do they have those in Idaho?? Beer and flame throwers do not seem like an ideal combination. Hope your insurance is up to date! 😀 Excellent shot, Teri!

    • Toni,we do have irrigation districts here, but they are much less formal than in the basin. These guys are probably on the board or farmers that get water from the ditch. It was very strange when we first moved here, coming from the very regulated water of the Basin and the Yakima valley. We take water anytime we want it. We don’t have to order it, no one really monitors it, and we don’t have a ditch rider.

    • Philip, they burn the ditches every spring because they are all pyros at heart……No, seriously, they burn the irrigation ditches to get rid of all the grass, weeds, and brush that may impede the flow of water. They do it in the spring before the water gets turned into the ditches.

  2. I like your description very much. The beer might not burn, but sufficient beer and something other than the ditch might catch fire. Nice shot.

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