We drove to the Tri-Cities today to pick up Brett. There and back again is about a 10 hour trip. These windmills are outside of North Powder, Oregon along I-84.  Doug was driving and I shot this out the passenger window at about 70 65 mph.  The trip is usually not too bad, but today it was snowing and blowing on the pass. 


Chains were required for all trucks and anyone towing a trailer………….


Thank goodness for snow plow drivers and sanding trucks.

We are happy to be home tonight, safe and sound.


9 thoughts on “88/365

  1. You are a crazy woman! And you were so close to me, too. I’m pouting, in case you can’t tell. We (my family) just about got killed on Cabbage Patch one year – it is so treacherous! I’m glad you got home safely.

  2. Glad you made it back home. I quess that is why we are still here. It was only 85 today. Nice b/w images. I bet the mts were wonderful to look at.(LOL)

  3. Oh, hopefully weather like this is over in Ohio for the year (although we did get a dusting of snow overnight). We’ve done our share of snowy blustery driving and it’s not fun. Glad you had a safe journey!

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